Frequently Asked Questions for
Dental Services in Melville

Each patient presents with unique circumstances. The only accurate way to totally evaluate the needs, desires, and possibilities for any given patient is to see them in the office and provide them with an initial evaluation. There is no charge for that initial assessment. At that time many specific questions can be answered.

However, in this section of our website I am able to answer many of the questions I have been asked over the many years I have been providing state of the art comprehensive dental care. Most of the questions I am asked relate to implant supported dental care. As a result, most of the questions in this section relate to dental implants and the teeth that are restored on top of the implants.

What is a Restorative Dentist?

A Restorative Dentist is a general dentist with significant additional training and expertise with regard to treating patients with complex dental care needs. With almost 40 year of experience in this arena, our Doctors both attend, as well as provide (lecture) continuing educational opportunities to remain at the cutting edge of sophisticated dental care.

Are all phases of dental care rendered in your offices?

After a thorough and complete evaluation of your needs and desires, careful decisions will need to be made regarding whether additional doctors will need to participate in your care to help maximize the potential outcome. Our objective is not to render ALL the care for patients, but rather to help assure the best possible care is rendered.

What makes your practices unique?

Restorative and Implant Dentistry of Long Island has developed a philosophy of care that puts the patient first. I am committed to making  treatment decisions that are quality care focused, and equally committed to providing this care in a compassionate manner, while always remembering that your time is just as valuable to you as ours is to us.

Do you take my insurance?

It is incumbent upon us to try to maximize your dental benefits to the best of our abilities. While I do not participate in any Insurance plan or on any list, due to our experience in this arena, I am able to help. Remember, however, that I will make decisions regarding your dental health based upon what I believe to be in your, not the insurance carriers, best interest, and can only do so by not participating on any of these plans. I work for YOU!

Are you available for emergencies?

Absolutely!! A call to our offices will be returned promptly and your emergencies will be taken care of.

Will you see all members of my family? Can I refer my friends, as well?

I would be thrilled and honored by the confidence you show in us by referring your loved ones and friends, and will welcome them to our dental family. I render care for children, adolescents, adults and seniors and are well trained in all these areas of dental care.

How do I know you are the right dentist to care for me and my family?

You don't;at least, not until you meet us! Give us the opportunity to show you why I am the right doctors for you. To help you make that decision, I would be more than happy to see you for an initial consultation at no charge, simply to meet you and allow you to be comfortable becoming our patient. Call today-you won't be disappointed.

I have been wearing removable dentures for many years. Can they be replaced with implant supported teeth?

Yes! Dental implants are a tool to be used to enhance the quality of life our patients can have with non-removable implant supported teeth.

Will I have to go to the hospital for my implants to be placed?

No!  Almost all dental implants can be placed in an office environment.

Does the same person who does the surgery to place my dental implants build the teeth on top of the implants?

Dental implant treatment involves a surgical process to place the dental implants and a restorative process to build the teeth on top of the implants. The location and position of the implants should be determined by the doctor who is responsible to build the teeth. The doctor who is doing the surgical placement shares in the decision, however the most cosmetic and functional result occurs when the team of doctors work together to get the best result for the patient.

Will I need to go to sleep for the surgical part of the treatment process?

Most patients can be treated with local anesthesia (novocaine). If someone is very anxious about the process many alternatives exist to reduce the apprehension of  any given patient.

Which doctor, the surgical doctor (oral surgeon or periodontist) or the restorative dentist or general dentist should I see first about my care?

It is always best to see the restorative doctor first. He or she is the quarterback, the person responsible for the total overview and management of your care. The periodontists and oral surgeons I work with send their patients to us to evaluate and determine implant position.

How much do implants and the teeth on top of them cost?

Each patient is an individual and every situation is different. As a result the cost of care is unique to each situation for each patient. For example, it is not always necessary to use one implant for each tooth to be replaced. As a result, there are many ways to treat each patient's situation. All of the choices about care will be discussed along with the cost of care for each alternative before the start of treatment.

If you have additional questions, call and schedule an appointment today to meet with Dr. Shaw for a full consultation.